635 // Ian Vale – Many Times (Al Mackenzie Remix)

Ian Vale remixed by Al Mackenzie coming soon on Paisley Dark.

After well-received incursions on NEIN and When Disco Goes Wrong, London-based producer Ian Vale is finally back on the rising & shining British imprint Paisley Dark. His “Many Times” EP presents Ian adding more flavours to his already miscellaneous sonority, “a testament to Ian’s versatility and skill as a producer” and a true showcase of his creativity and “ability to captivate listeners with a dynamic range of sounds and atmospheres.” On board with equally competent remixes, Al Mackenzie, Ben Hunt, and Julius.

Premiered here, Al Mackenzie’s take on the title track also depicts the capabilities and influences of the seasoned British DJ and producer who has been fighting the good fight for more than 30 years – and counting! Managing to keep most of the main elements of the original but deploying his personal touch with more speed and stamina, Al’s version is definitely a secret weapon for packed dance floors eager for intelligent electronic music.     

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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