645 // Mystery Kid & Discord – GTA Cruise

Partnering for the first time ever, Mystery Kid & Discord came up with something beautiful! Soon on Paco Tyson.

NANTES CALLING! Young French artists Mystery Kid (SXDNS398) and Discord joined forces to deliver a frenzied peak-time-only cut coming soon on the interesting Paco Tyson, a solid music platform commanded by Nicolas Viande, Discord himself, devoted to sharing the word from local talents not only by releasing their output but also providing his own production studio to facilitate the development of their craft.

While Nicolas has already a colourful discography published both on his and other turfs, Julie Caddeo aka Mystery Kid is still in the beginning of her incursion into the music-making realm, having previously appeared on Nubians of Plutonia and Femnoises Records.

For their collaboration, we understand Nicolas & Julie intended to pay a small tribute to the (in)famous action-adventure video game series Grand Theft Auto. Their “Cruise” through Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City has a perfect Electro soundtrack exhaling a frolic bearing and a sturdy personality. WARNING: Heavy funky shake-your-booty vibes here!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

Follow Mystery Kid, Discord and Paco Tyson, peeps!

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