037 // Daniel Weil

Daniel Weil’s music research brings to his sets a unique sonority. It is a big mistake, though, to think the complexity of his many (and many) influences is a reason to make people stop dancing and flee from the dance floor during his performances; on the contrary, it instigates the crowd to experience new sensations, something different from the nightlife status quo.

Daniel Weil is a long-time DJ who plays all over the world and held residencies in various clubs in New York, Shanghai, and Paris, where he founded Garage, a 700-person capacity club dedicated to Indie Dance.

Alongside 2 other producers, he founded the label New Day Everyday. He was also the musical curator for David Lynch’s Parisian club Silencio.

Daniel’s set has always been very eclectic and influenced by cinema soundtracks and Punk, besides New Wave and other non-electronic music types.

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