077 // Alexander Antonakis

One of the most influential Frankfurter DJs, Alexander Antonakis is second to none when it comes to music expertise. His vinyl collection is impressively vast and broad, some of his precious gems were used in the exclusive podcast he kindly provided to us.

When it comes to obsessive music junkies, Alexander Antonakis, from Frankfurt/Germany, is a kind of prime example for that term. Digging in the crates, getting dusty knuckles and walking the extra mile for certain records became a staple in his life from early on.

Explorations, excavations and the hunt for lost treasures as a state of mind characterizing this true collector. No wonder, his vinyl collection is expanding in a wide range of quite anything from everywhere. Rarities, obscurities and regular cuts… you name it, he got it or at least heard of it. The music he’s playing out can be categorised somewhere in the cosmos of Electronic Music, Soul, Funk, Disco, a hint of Italo, Krautrock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Soundtracks.

Alexander has been spinning records across the country pretty much since the stone age. His own party project Music Mind featured guests like ‪Hans Nieswandt‬, Eddie C, Jex Opolis, Palms Trax and Jeremy Underground. Besides this activity, he’s part of the infamous Chocolat DJ Team, co-hosting “for a better tomorrow”, a vinyl radio show on Frankfurt’s Radio X and also an artist on The Healing Company. His current release is called “The Other Sky”, produced with music mastermind Johannes Regnier from Berlin. ‬

Guess what… he likes music, records and dancing somewhere in outer space…

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