078 // Kitschy Kitsch

Another great Mexican talent lands on our platform: Kitschy Kitsch's "caliente" combination of dark synths, percussive elements and heavy basslines is definitely something!

Luis Barreto, originally from Mexico City, began his career as a DJ and producer in 2005, focusing on techno, house and disco with its characteristic dark sounds that have been recognized throughout the city and in the Mexican Republic. He has collaborated in different national and international labels, placing his music on different dance floors around the world. Currently Kitschy Kitsch is part of the labels Nein Records, Controlla and Drecords on which he shares a list of important artists such as Tronik Youth, Two Mamarrachos, Ali X Ximena, Shubostar, Alejandro Molinari, Fausto, Don Alex Albert, BBY JSS, Suricata, among others.

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