079 // Durand

One of the most prominent Spanish producers of the moment, Durand skillfully explores the "dark side of disco", wielding and shaping past and present influences in order to create the perfect "next thing" when it comes to "wave" music.

With a strong link to electronic music from an early age and very influenced by the European musical currents of the late 80s and early 90s, Durand began his career as a DJ just over a decade ago in Cordoba, his hometown, playing in well-known clubs and halls.

Always evolving, he began to be interested in new rhythms and sounds with more instrumental presence, and after a period of pause and reflection, it was about five years ago when he began a change towards what we can listen today in his DJ sets and productions, in which he is currently immersed. This change includes a wide variety of sounds, such as dark disco, new disco, electro, synthwave or slow techno mainly, but always in constant evolution adapting to what any atmosphere of room or club requires.

It is also at that time when the Berlanga club project began to take shape in Cordoba, for which he was responsible, as a programmer and resident DJ at the same time for three years. Berlanga was visited by a large number of local, national and international artists, from renowned labels such as Correspondant, Kompakt, Nein Records, My Favorite Robots, Melómana Records, Factor City, Relish, Rotten City and Play Pal Music, just to name a few, sharing nights with them there in the club, as in some of the most representative rooms of electronic music in Andalusia and some other parts of Spain.

At the moment he is immersed in production, having already published interesting works in recognized labels of the scene.

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