080 // Andrea Arias

What about some Techno to spice things up a little bit? Andrea Arias, a renowned and respected Colombian DJ, uses her music not only to entertain but also to raise awareness about the importance of having more and more female artists in the South American electronic music scene.

In 2011, Andrea Arias launches KoolKats, a collective with two friends, students of Sound Engineering, interested in showing their work in Colombia as DJs and electronic music producers, enriching the scene of Medellín with a wide variation of genres, such as Chicago House, Deep House, Italo Disco, Acid, Electro, Break Beat and Techno. The collective was very strong, as it sought to mix classical music and electronic music by performing shows that incorporated live strings as The Viola, an instrument that Andrea Interpreted. Thanks to the experience that she acquired doing events, she was able to make known in Medellín and the rest of her country.

In 2016, Andrea made a mark of bookings with his colleague Callejas, called WICK Pointed Music, in which they seek to perform events with Latin American DJs who have not come to Colombia yet, and a movement of national artists to potentiate local and national talents. WICK’s artistic base is the retro-futurism and hybrid sounds of electronic music, not being radical in a single style or genre.

In this same year, Andrea also created the collective, movement and music label NÓTT along with Julianna and Marea, which is part of the initiative to empower women in Latin American electronic music and give space in a scene where sexism predominates, so they aim to eradicate the sexism and the fears of women through workshops, lectures and showcases. The project has had a great reception in Latin America, and in less than almost three years of work, has reached American magazines, such as Remezcla, and made the first Boiler Room Off Camera cured by Boiler Room and NÓTT in Medellín, Colombia.

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