095 // ALDA

One of the heads behind the promising French label CrowHunt Records, ALDA has been having a busy life since his comeback to producing in 2015. Since then, he has been amassing a number of respected releases. Varying from originals to remixes, the quality of his work is impeccable.

Co-founder of CrowHunt Records based in Nantes, France, Alexandre David started deejaying in the early 2000s and started production in 2008 with releases on Nein, Play Pal, Way of House, The Exquisite Pain, Logical and Emerald & Doreen. He dabbled with several different styles – Electro, Techno, Minimal – and trained a long time before putting all his musical projects on hiatus after his child was born. This break enabled him to further develop his way of composing and broaden his array of electronic music influences. He came back to production in 2015 with the dark music project ALDA.

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