109 // Amarcord

Brilliant producer Amarcord has already achieved immense recognition despite the tender age. With solid releases on labels such as Correspondant and Watergate Records, he is another "talent to watch" who kindly provided a beautiful mixtape for our series.

Amarcord is the moniker of a musician, DJ and live performer also active in the experimental music circuit. With a very diverse background that ranges from Krautrock and Ambient to New Wave, Disco and Techno, both Amarcord’s productions and DJ sets are characterized by continuous research and personal development which distinguish him as an artist never scared of breaking boundaries and making unpredictable choices.

Despite his super young age, Amarcord’s music has been featured on record labels such as Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant, Watergate (for the compilation curated by Who Made Who), Ombra International and Aeon and lots of projects are still in the making and to be revealed soon.

Recently he played at this year’s edition of the prestigious NAME Festival in Lille alongside some of the biggest artists in the industry and he’s a member of North Italy’s much appreciated collective MEET Compact Club which runs a party called ‘Deestricted’ at Berlin’s acclaimed venue Griessmuehle.

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