Frankfurter Steffen Weyerhäuser aka GROOVINTELLA has a connection so truthful with (good) music that his motto "music makes me high" is far from being a cliche. He deeply loves every single record of his vast collection and puts a lot of passion into his DJ sets and podcasts.

When GROOVINTELLA began collecting records more than two decades ago in the middle of the ’90s and began his first DJ steps, Frankfurt was still a mecca for techno and similar things. Music is adequate for him to relax nowadays. Although he is rarely seen in clubs, mixing is for him one of the most beautiful things in this world. Mixing is meditation. With deep awareness and devotion, he keeps developing his style. Listening to music pressed on vinyl is for him the most intense and conscious form to consume music. He sees his passion for collecting music as a kind of study and he is always searching for special sounds that include groove, funk and soul.

“Music makes me high“, under this motto, small events took and will take place in the future. At Radio X, he is part of X-Fade DJ Night and he is the father of the beautiful event called Rollerdisko at the Rödelheimer Musiknacht.

Here you have the chance to listen to an exclusive Summer mix for SXDNS which was recently created at 40°. It´s a concept mix that can be tasted at home during breakfast, as well as in the evening during a glass of wine, on the beach or when you‘re cruising.

“Music makes you high!”

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