014 // Ali X – Backlash (Fausto Remix)

We have the privilege of premiering another great release from our friends of the innovative Mexican label Controlla. This time, featuring a true clash of Titans: Fausto remixing ALI X!

Imagine that you are at home, just chilling, listening to some cool fresh tunes or having a light hot meal, and suddenly you receive a message from none other than Ali X (SXDNS070), asking if you would be interested in making a remix of one of the tracks of his next EP.

Some would shake in their boots, but not Fausto (SXDNS064). One of the most requested and prolific Mexican artists of the moment, with releases on labels such as Roam, Nein, Phisica and Tom Tom Disco, Fausto provided a powerful interpretation for a powerful track. Backlash, the original, with its industrial-influenced mood, is definitely something, but the remix delivers a compelling insight that drew our attention and became our favourite tune of the next Controlla adventure.

The obscure aura is established from the very beginning with an energetic and dusky bassline. It’s certain that Fausto scrubbed things up a little in comparison to Ali’s original, but the clout and the heaviness are still there, maintained especially by the metallic synth line, sci-fi-movie-like sinister pad and Matrix-inspired FXs.

When you drop this track during a gig of yours, do yourself a favour at let it play until the very end. The climax is reached exactly at the finale. It’s like if Fausto were telling us a story, and he kept the best of it to the eleventh hour.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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