015 // Macaulay – Apathy

NYC-based Samo Records brings a spicy release by mischievous Macaulay.

The NYC-based label Samo Records decided to do a compilation for their next release. They asked some of their favourite producers to provide an original track, and the result came out as intended: A great hotchpotch of styles, with each artist adding their own individual ingredient.

The track we chose to premiere – by the Mexican DJ and producer Macaulay –, despite the title (Apathy), is pure rave! No time for dullness or sluggishness at all, the 90s aura sets its foot from the very first beat of this intense track.

Topped with a vigorous bass line that sets the pace, other highlights of the tune are the aggressive and rave-ish synth, the trippy and obscure pad and last but not least the incessant and relentless vocal stabs.

After solid releases on other music imprints such as Wonder Stories, Rumba Bisnes, Disque Discos, Maleante and Phisica, Macaulay brought to life what people like to call it nowadays as a proper banger.

Warning: Macaulay’s ingredient for “Samo’s stew” is definitely very spicy, maybe as hot as the combination of jalapeños plus chipotle plus habanero peppers.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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