022 // D.O.G. – She’s Magique (Ali X X Ximena & Pvlomo Remix)

Bomb track alert! Controlla presents D.O.G. remixed by ALI X X Ximena with Pvlomo.

On their newest release, the rebellious and seditious Mexican label Controlla let the D.O.G. out! The 5-track EP contains 2 originals and 3 remixes by Hefe and Ali X X Ximena with Pvlomo. And if you allow us to say a few more words about this label… we would say it is transgressor, wicked, nasty, filthy and… extremely vital to the e-music world. Every single track they release is out of the box, every single track they release is challenging. Acid, tribal, wild, post-punk, post-techno… It is often hard to define what they publish.

D.O.G. is the combo existing between Bastard Love & Gog, two Mexican producers who have the responsibility to turn their demons into music and their perversions into sound. “The original ‘She’s magique’ was made during a non-sleep session full of madness at the studio, and it is dedicated to all those dark feelings that drive your worst desires into magic”, said the lads themselves.

The remixers and label bosses, Ali X X Ximena (that we love immensely and unconditionally), are no strangers to LSD, black magic and TB 303s, basic contemporary ingredients in the dark arts as Ali X has honed for centuries, and here he puts a hex of heretical manifest on the demon D.O.G.’s dark summons on “She’s Magique” with the collaboration of Pvlomo, another must-follow badass Mexican artist.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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