026 // Mindbender – Androids Dream (Original Mix)

Swedish DJ/producer Mindbender brings some cosmic disco vibes to his new release on Csk:Beat.

The next release on the ingenious Csk:Beat, “Androids”, comes from one of Sweden’s true underground House and Techno pioneers Mårten Attling AKA Mindbender. Mårten started producing in the late eighties and quickly became a prolific figure in the Swedish club scene. He was DJing all over the country and putting down the hours in the studio to learn the craft. The 6-track EP brings two originals and four remixes provided by Högt I Tak, Man2.0, label boss Csk and Mindbender himself.

The track we chose to premiere starts with a thick version of the bass line and then takes off straight into Acid land, loosening the groove, but still throwing the beauty of the pads and arpeggios on top. Mårten has a unique ear for combining the dancefloor vibe with the deepest melodious psychedelic ingredients not only in his productions but also in his DJ sets. You should check more on him.

Special credits: “Androids Dream (Reworked Mix)” mastered by Zeitgeist Mastering. All the other tracks mastered by K-Effect Mastering.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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