037 // Günce Aci – The Circle Is Not Round

Another solid release by Günce Aci, this time on the vital label Dogs & Vultures Records.

Our dear Günce Aci (SXDNS129) is one of the most skilful producers we had the privilege to know since the beginning of our “Sexy” journey through the mixtape & premiere universe. For her new EP – “Swallow” –, the second we have the pleasure of premiering, the important Spanish label Dogs & Vultures Records brought together an incredible team of remixers for her incredible originals: Darlyn Vlys, Roe Deers (SXDNS138) and MontCosmik.

The original we chose to review, “The Circle Is Not Round”, showcases Günci’s best side: Her ability to combine different elements – the fruit of her many influences – into a seamless hotchpotch of sonorities. Dark, ethnic, trippy, analog… you name it. She is definitely able to amass whatever musical imprint that lies in her head and give life to something fresh and innovative without losing the touch of focusing on the dance floor.

Special credits to K-Effect (Toledo, Spain) for the mastering.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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