039 // Pvlomo – Club Svtan 69

The last premiere of the year, peeps! Pvlomo's next release on Controlla is a B-O-M-B! A "picante" one!

Our last premiere of the year could not be more special: One of our favourite labels featuring a dope release by one of our favourite producers: Pvlomo (SXDNS098) is back to the almighty Controlla with an eclectic 7-track EP and he is not alone. The release brings solid collaborations from label boss Ximena (SXDNS070), Ulises Arrieta and Galo feat. Tkuz.

“Club Svtan 69” is that kind of track intended to wreak havoc and bring chaos and shambles – pandemonium – to the dance floor. A skillfully produced tune in which Pvlomo gathered a few of his many influences (House, Techno, Acid, Latin) in a 139-BPM spicy music weapon of mass destruction. Labelled as “Acid Merengue” by Pvlomo himself, this track marks a new trend he has been currently working on: “Music that is hot, hard and acid, for people who like to dance a lot, who like to sweat and move their bodies fiercely”, he added.

For the fellow dinosaurs out there: Remember the time we used to dance at such speed? Maybe it is time to go back to it and teach the kids how fun it can be!

Special credits to AXM Audio Mastering.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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