045 // Andres Komatsu – Le Complexe Du Babtou

What a privilege to premiere Andres Komatsu's beautiful debut on NUFF MUSIC!

Andres Komatsu (SXDNS067) is finally back on our platform! This time with his beautiful new release on NUFF MUSIC: “Static Advice” brings 5 tracks, divided into 3 originals and 2 remixes, provided by Fringe Society and El Fulminador.

The premiered track, “Le Complexe Du Babtou”, is a tune made to express Andres’s feelings towards “people who can’t stop embracing all the demands made by minorities of all kinds. For the sake of positioning oneself at any cost on the side of the oppressed”, he said. “I’m gay and Latino living in France, but I don’t feel obliged to marry all movements or always be in opposition to the majority movements. Conversely, I know many French who marry all causes so much that I wonder if they don’t have a complex”, Andres added.

In order to express his thoughts and feelings via his music, Komatsu created an ominous and obscure – but groovy – downtempo masterpiece whose main elements are a sturdy bassline and a daunting acid layer with sharp distortions.

Special credits to K-Effect (Toledo, Spain) for the mastering.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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