069 // Billy Bogus – Enter The Ninja (Enzo Ponzio Remix)

Billy Bogus remixed by Enzo Ponzio for the next release on Pizzico Records.

It is not easy to remix something that is already a remix itself: “VHS Memories” is an album by Billy Bogus released on Codek Records, which mixes VHS/DVD/DVX movie samples in order to turn them into a melting pot of atypical disco, playful electro and cosmic atmosphere.

“More Tape Remixes” is the 2020 updated version, where some notorious DJs and producers fiddle with Bogus hotchpotch. Some have been with Pizzico Records from the very beginning, some are new players warmed up with movies and “spliffs” and enabled to play in the best possible shape: Paraguai, Enzo Ponzio, Pigmalião, Tagliabue, The Caribbean House, Johnny Paguro, Daniel Monaco (SXDNS137/FREEDL006) and MA Spaventi were the chosen ones to get the job properly done.

Sicily-based Enzo Ponzio, responsible for the remix we were given to premiere, transforms “Enter The Ninja” (inspired by the 1981 American martial arts film with the same name starring Franco Nero) into an afro jumble of vocal and drums, probably influenced by the wild scenario of some of the fight scenes.

“More Tape Remixes” – despite the variety of styles and artists involved – is a compact work, which whilst highlighting the different approaches does not betray, it stresses it out, in fact, the movie-related origin of the original album “VHS Memories”, making Mr Bogus proud and massively grateful to all the contributors!

Special credits:
Conceived & produced by Niccolò Bruni.
Mastered at Morphing Studio, Bologna, Italy.
Artwork by Alberto Bello.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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