078 // Braulio Renteria – Space Agency (Original Mix)

We start wishing good vibes to the Mexican label Bonkers for their 2nd anniversary! This super bomb track by Braulio Renteria is from their commemorative compilation.

Bonkers is a record label located in Guadalajara (MX). Founded in 2018, the imprint is open to various styles of Techno, besides featuring a variety of sounds such as Deep, Nu Disco, Indie, Melodic and themes that gravitate towards the dance floor concept. Their next release celebrates the second anniversary of the project, two years of music made with the passion of true Dance Music lovers. The album compiles twelve tracks that represent the true sound of the label featuring ANNTA, Atlazia, Braulio Renteria (SXDNS120), Disconnected (SXDNS114) & Enjanzea2, Iker Seedorf, Javier Martinez (SXDNS104), Leon XIV, LFB & Akira San, Ludviq, Minders, Technicism, Umvral and Vince Weyn.

“Space Agency”, Braulio Renteria’s contribution to the compilation, brings the Mexican producer at his best when it comes to combining Techno with Indie Dance/Nu Disco elements. The fat bassline, the guitar riffs and the synth percussion provide a remarkably interesting atmosphere to the theme. Undoubtedly, this 116-BPM banger is, definitely, one of the highlights of the album, in our humble opinion.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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