101 // Alex Aguayo – Wake Up

Another premiere for a Mexican artist's independent release: We reviewed a track from "Digital Love", the forthcoming album by Alex Aguayo. What a tune!

From slow, heavy and dark basslines to wider, more melodic and energetic works, Alex Aguayo is a Mexican producer who loves to toy around and experiment with different electronic music genres. He has already released his music, both originals and collaborations, on vital labels such as Wonder Stories, Nein, Sinchi, Emerald & Doreen, Night Noise, Rotten City, and Aeon Audio, just to name a few. This time he presents a small independent 6-track album on which he had been working for the last couple of years to be released exclusively on Bandcamp.

“Digital Love” brings a nice mixture of genres he likes to flirt with but shaped by his own sonority and influences. The track we chose to premiere, “Wake Up”, for instance, is highly influenced by Italo Disco, but with hints of Synthpop and House Music combined with futuristic and vintage elements. The result: An enjoyable and upbeat theme, extremely devoted to putting a big smile on your face and making your body surrender to its rhythm.

You can check (and buy) this and the other tracks of the album on the Bandcamp page of the artist.

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