116 // White Magik – Darkness

The Russian label Avacha gathered eight dark gems for its forthcoming VA release. We had the pleasure of reviewing White Magik's contribution to the compilation. It's massive!

The St. Petersburg-based label Avacha debuts on our platform with “999% HITS”, a vital 8-track compilation that amasses an interesting selection of domestic and not so domestic artists devoted to presenting the dark side of the contemporary music made both in Russia and the surrounding territories: Panorama Channel, Volta Cab, Wolfstream, White Magik, Soft Metal, Bogdan, Radial Gaze, and Olta Karawane spared no efforts to provide a proper showcase of their production skills, bringing together high standard pieces to enhance the importance of the VA release.

The track we were kindly solicited to review brings Kirill Rem aka White Magik depicting how disco mating with (good quality) early trance elements sounds. “Darkness” is definitely one of the highlights of the compilation. The intense synth layer and the vocal hooks led us into a journey through White Magik’s world: “Esoteric metamodern dance music filled with love, stress, and release.”

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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