118 // Crille & Tamalt – Doing Selling (Fatma Pneumonia Remix)

We had the pleasure of reviewing a track from the forthcoming release of the insightful Doom Rec. Mega remix by Fatma Pneumonia for Crille & Tamalt.

Doom Rec is back! The forthcoming release of Andres Komatsu’s label brings the new single of the Berlin-based duo Crille & Tamalt. “Doing Selling” is a repetitive slow tekk piece with rave accents, composed around an edited vocal sample of “Mind Sensations” (a 1994 track from the album “Drugs Work” by System 01). The remix (a kind of chill-out zone version) was made with love by French DJ and producer Fatma Pneumonia, organizer of Chug Rave party series and co-founder of the label/collective High Heal.

Fatma’s remix, the track we were asked to premiere, takes us into a journey through the jungle… and the outer space. The percussive line he created for his interpretation combined with the trippy cosmic pads provided a stunning outcome. Obscure but upbeat, this remix introduced us to the solid work of Fatma Pneumonia and left us looking forward to checking his past and future releases.

We could not finish the review without mentioning that the amazing artwork was made by label boss Andres Komatsu (SXDNS067) himself and the pumping mastering by Argentinean artist Balam (SXDNS048). Kudos!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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