119 // Alex Aguayo – Don’t Let Go

Alex Aguayo delivered a masterpiece to the next VA release of the British label Zone Focus.

“Danger & Love in Paradise” is an amalgamation of the British label Zone Focus’ cultural fascinations. Inspired by the likes of Vice City, Drive and Giorgio Moroder, for their annual themed compilation project, they sought out artists that create and craft neo-nostalgic sounds. A retro musical direction drove the selection process, pulling tracks from Italo Disco and Indie Dance genres. Each of the twelve hand-picked artists added a distinctive sonic uniqueness to the album. Cosmic, groovy, and melodic club-ready works, all designed to timewarp the aural sense. Among the artists invited to the compilation, some personal favourites of ours: Vanity Project, Alex Aguayo, Hanzo & Yaman (SXDNS065), and Fabio Me Llaman Soltero (SXDNS187).

The track we chose to premiere, by Alex Aguayo, is an energetic and vibrant Italo/Cosmic Disco-influenced masterpiece. “Don’t Let Go” is one of those tunes that possess an aura so vivid and frantic that it is kind of forbidden to listen to it without delivering yourself to dance. Even alone in your living room or balcony: Just do it!

Akin to previous releases, proceeds from this compilation will be donated to a charitable cause, specifically the WHO coronavirus relief fund. The contributions will go towards helping doctors and medical staff across the world, assisting them in battling the pandemic.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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