120 // JG Outsider – Deep In

JG Outsider is back to Earth bringing some new gems from space for us.

That Espacio Cielo is definitely one of our favourite Indie Dance/Dark Disco labels is not a surprise at all. Curated by Parissior (SXDNS206), the Spanish imprint has been opening the interdimensional gates of this “new” scene not only to established artists (K-Effect, Azaria, Daniel Monaco, Andreas Rund, Celestino, Daniel Monaco aka Disco Mortale, Futuristant, and GUYD, just to name a few), but also to skilled newcomers (U-Msk, Cannibal Coconuts, Hyman Bass, Pan-Opt, and 9Claws, also just to name few). For its 19th release (considering EPs, singles, compilations, edit series, and free downloads), Espacio features JG Outsider, known for his previous works as 2 Rare People. “Back To Earth” brings four solid originals plus two awesome remixes by Cannibal Coconuts and label boss himself.

We were asked to premiere one of the most interesting tracks of the EP: “Deep In” is a 105-BPM theme that introduces itself with a haunting vocal hook accompanied by an ominous bassline. The threatening synth stabs and vibrant acid layer complete the highlights combo of this macabre and scary downtempo piece. When you press play, it is advisable to turn on the lights. Differently from brave dinosaurs, you may not be used to such a dark and sinister atmosphere. We come from space, we know the drill.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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