122 // Vicky Montefusco – Dear Melody (Original Mix)

For today's premiere, we bring you the stunning contribution Vicky Montefusco provided to the next VA release of the Argentinian label Maleza.

Curated by DJ Braver and Gabriel Ferreira, with impressive artwork by Cuernolobo and second to none mastering by Balam (SXDNS048), the 10th release of the Buenos Aires-based label Maleza delivers the fourth volume of their iconic compilation “En la Superficie”: Featuring ten tracks produced by ten different artists whose sonority expresses the characteristic universe of the Argentinian crew, the release encompasses many of the delicious facets of the high-quality Deep House with shards of Disco, Techno and Leftfield.

The track we chose to review was made with love by young & acclaimed Italian DJ/producer Vicky Montefusco. With praised works varying from originals to collaborations on vital labels such as Side Up Works, Dogs & Vultures, and Nein, this is Vicky’s second appearance on Maleza. His track brought the compilation to a perfect end: A stupor-infused theme that keeps you in a hypnotic state with its trippy combo of atmospheric pads and leads until it explodes in a frenzied rave-like synth outburst, a brief moment in which you will be allowed to deliver your body to random and uncoordinated movements before you go back to your trance mode. From numbness to euphoria and back to numbness, Vicky’s “Dear Melody” is definitely one of the highlights of the VA release.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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