123 // i randagi Feat. Oberdan – La Danza Dei Delfini (Amarcord Remix)

Amarcord finishes the premiere spree of the week with a beautiful remix for the Italian project i randagi.

“Animal Lovers” is the first remix album by the experimental Riccione-based artist i randagi: “A demoniac audio-visual project that applies outdoor games on small depressed animals”. The release features remixed and reworked versions of songs from “Animali” (2019), the debut album of the Italian project. The collaborations come from numerous acts such as Amarcord (SXDNS109), Riviera, Gastone, LudovicoVan, Tonino3000, Oberdan, Novalis, Avicatori Calvi, Trio Kaos, Halfcastle and I Camillas. The piece we were given to premiere is the fifth track of the album.

If you are familiar with the work of Marco Catapano aka Amarcord, you know his version follows the standard of his trademark sonority. While the original presents an upbeat indie rock atmosphere, Marco’s interpretation is emotional and melodic. The beautiful synth layers and deep pads combined with (part of) the nostalgic lyrics resulted in a graceful theme, devoted to bringing only good feelings. At times like these, we may definitely use this kind of song to ease things up a little bit. Just for a moment, let’s get lost in the sea, shall we?

You can find (and buy) other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the project.

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