124 // Remi Wanless – Italian Laser Treatment

BOMB track by Remi Wanless from his debut release on the cool UK-based label Midnight People.

UK-based DJ and producer Remi Wanless will join the increasing and promising British label Midnight People with his debut EP, “A New Wave”. After refining his unique take on vibrant house and electro, Remi Wanless presents three tracks of bold dance floor material. Inspired by the beaming Italo Disco spirit and infused with the crepuscular dark disco sonority, the club-focused release serves up punchy breaks and driving synths, layered on powerful low-end foundations. It’s a polished EP for a debut production outing and a sign of things to come from the rising producer and Lakota resident. Our beloved Berlin-based couple and duo Local Suicide (SXDNS172) take on “Italian Laser Treatment” with a vocal remix.

The original – differently from the remix aforementioned – conveys an optimistic and buoyant wordless message, something we are definitely in need these days. If the current status quo demands we take daily doses of hope and cheerfulness so that we can muddle through it, this is the one we take today. For the fellow dinosaurs out there, the vintage video-game atmosphere established by the laser-like synth layer will take you back to the arcades-time, when things were easier. If you are not old enough to have lived those days, then focus on the spectacular throbbing bassline: It will trigger nothing but joy on your desperate-to-dance young body. Press play, open your ears and enjoy the upbeat message Remi kindly prepared for us.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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