125 // Etane – The Gaffer

We reviewed ETANE's contribution to the second compilation of almighty Russian collective OBERWAVE. Check it out!

Almighty St. Petersburg-based Dark Disco syndicate Oberwave releases its second compilation. If the first one featured Russian artists only, this time label boss Morze (SXDNS151) gathered also producers from other corners of the world: Collaborators from Spain, Belgium and Indonesia joined forces with the home team in order to deliver a powerful 10-track EP, focused on cold but danceable music filled with gothic and erotic vibes: Pullo remixed by Sunmantra (SXDNS181), Gegen Mann (SXDNS220), Namesis, Etane, Velax, WLDV, Hesperius Draco, Ogny, Штадт, and Morze himself brought together their personal skills and influences to give birth to another solid and vital compilation.

We were given “The Gaffer” by local producer Etane to review. His previous works can be found on other important Indie Dance/Dark Disco labels, such as Ombra International, Sulk Magic, Electrique Music, and Disque Discos. Besides helping with the curation of the syndicate, he also keeps himself busy playing in a synthpop band called Getsuga Tenshou (we checked on YouTube, it’s pretty cool). In his contribution to Oberwave Vol. 2, he combines darkness and groove, an interesting concoction of elements inspired by the musical aesthetics of the 80s – a trademark of his sonority. Shards of Depeche Mode, The Human League, Visage, and Bauhaus were noticed. A little bit of Gary Numan, perhaps. Independently of which influences he directly used, the outcome is definitely one of the highlights of the release.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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