126 // Mverto Futura – Cursed Dumbeck

The very first compilation of the Guatemalan collective Sonido Moderna is a BOMB! We had the privilege of reviewing Mverto Futura's contribution.

Sonido Moderna is a multi-disciplinary collective founded in 2016. Their initial goal was the dissemination and exposure of what they like to call “Designer Dance Music”. Taking pride in swimming upriver and the limits this ethos presented, they managed to slowly introduce alternative dance music and sounds unheard of in Guatemala’s limited electronic music scene. They could think of no better way to commemorate the founding of Sonido Moderna and the cross-cultural exchanges achieved than announcing their new label. In November 2020, an often-talked about dream will come true: The release of a compilation of all-original tracks that represent their mission, aesthetic philosophy, and contrarian efforts.

The first of many, this VA release is devoted to showcasing not only local Guatemalan producers but also artists from their globe-spanning group of friends and collaborators. Producers from Turkey, Ukraine, Mexico and Colombia that share their musical worldview and have been great inspirations as well as partners in this corner of dance music counter-culture will be rounding off the compilation: Alan Es, Alf Champion, Dany F, Hanzo & Yaman, ID_UA, Mijo & Max Jones, Mike Rowave, Mverto Futura, Tony Gallardo II and, of course, Guatemala President Fabio Me Llaman Soltero were the ones chosen to bring N.001 to life.

Oh boy, it was hard to choose one! The high quality of the tracks turned the mission into a tough one. In order to help us decide, we used two criteria: First, the featured artist had to be Guatemalan; second, he had to be someone who hasn’t previously appeared on our platform. The silly method worked and brought us Mverto Futura’s contribution to the compilation: “Cursed Dumbeck” combines a groovy industrial-influenced percussive line, a playful synth layer, and a beautiful chorus-like pad. Amamos el resultado! Mverto Futura is definitely another virtuous Central American talent to watch, peeps!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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