136 // Javier Martinez – Alter Ego (Alvee Remix)

We reviewed Alvee's remix for the forthcoming release of Javier Martinez on the exquisite Spanish label Dogs & Vultures: It's a BOMB!

The fifteenth EP of the Dogs & Vultures digital series is headed by Mexican DJ and producer Javier Martínez (SXDNS104), a young and promising artist who has previous releases – amid originals and collaborations – on important labels such as Nein, HEARec, Side Up Works, Belly Dance Services, ESTHÉTIQUE, and Rotten City. The powerful remix pack for “Alter Ego” was provided with love by the prominent Italian duo Modular Project (SXDNS136), French singer/producer Justine, and Mexican prodigy Alvee (FREEDL019).

For his insightful interpretation, Alvee decided to pour his Daft Punk influences out and skilfully combine them with some Mex Tech elements. The result is a picante remix with a vibrant aura and an energetic gist. While people all over the world are preparing themselves for the end of a terrible 2020 and the beginning of an uncertain 2021, the moments on which we lose ourselves to the positive message that only a high-quality e-music track (like the one premiered here) can deliver are the ones which make us actually feel what matters most at the moment: Hope.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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