137 // All Eyes On You – Red Planet

Paradiso Records opened its doors for the debut release of the Sarajevo & Budapest-based duo All Eyes On You.

The nations of Bosnia and Hungary collided and brought together a new e-music duo: All Eyes On You, despite having been formed not so long ago, already counts with a strong local backing amassed due to their second to none melodic and dark art sets. They started producing only this year – probably as a result of a tedious lockdown – and will finally have their debut release on the alluring UK-based label Paradiso Records curated by respected DJ and producer REES.

For the extra-terrestrial, darker disco lovers out there, AEOY have cooked something beautiful for you: “Red Planet”, the track we chose to premiere, brings a fat bassline, menacing FXs/risings, and a throbbing synth layer that perfectly showcase the sharpness and the sting of their production skills. With two powerful originals and one solid remix by Velax, “Pango EP” is here to show the world the lads have an interesting story to tell: All eyes on them, peeps!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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