138 // Tiempo De Maldad Feat. Pvlomo – L’amour Toxique (Techno Version)

Tiempo de Maldad's forthcoming release on Skycrew Records is unmissable! We had the privilege to review the bomb collaboration with Pvlomo.

Hot new Dark Disco and Techno label Skycrew Records from Mexico City brings “L’amour Toxique”, the forthcoming single EP by Tiempo De Maldad (SXDNS173). The original is a gorgeous dance Disco-ish song featuring amazing vocals by Chio Cardosa and exquisite guitar solos by Gabo Perdomo. “L’amour Toxique” is a social critic to people who prefer to be in toxic relationships, prioritizing love over other core components of a healthy relationship, such as respect, trust, and affection.

The release includes bombastic remixes made by a true dream team of collaborators: Sex Kino, Stockholm Syndrome (SXDNS165), and Parissior (SXDNS206), plus a techno version featuring Pvlomo (SXDNS098). The latter, by the way, is the one we chose to premiere. Totally different from the original, the aura of the blipping and throbbing version is, in its way, sexier and more perilous, as if it were trying to depict a kind of toxic relationship in which both partners are unwittingly bringing only harm to themselves, but are happy for having each other. If their love story is not the ideal one, the soundtrack, at least, is fabulous.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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