144 // Did Virgo – Perpetual Motion

Did Virgo debuts on Innisfallen Records with a message from the future. Check the review and understand why.

Mexican label Innisfallen, curated by Montessori (FLXXX), is proud to present its second release. After featuring acclaimed Israeli artist Middle Sky Boom (remixed by Colossio, Azaria, and Alvaro Cabana) in its debut, this time the magic comes from the hands of French producer Did Virgo, who delivered two high-quality originals that come accompanied with two solid remixes provided by Italian Franz Scala and Mexican Die Jungle.

In a utopian world, machines are intended to be capable of running eternally after an initial boost without the need for any additional external energy due to the concept of perpetual motion. The title track seems to depict this utopian world. Listening to it is like immersing in a scenario in which the machines have taken control. The fat and absurd bass line plus the trippy and sublime synth layer could perfectly be the highlights of Did Virgo’s “Perpetual Motion”, but nothing can overcome the impressive and imposing siren-like synth riff of the theme. The energy and clout it deploys is undoubtedly its most striking feature, something the fans of apocalyptic sci-fi books/movies out there might like.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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