145 // Dannie Fade – Friendly Chaos (Jason Peters Remix)

MEGA remix by Jason Peters for Dannie Fade’s debut on ESTHÉTIQUE.

The next release of the sharp French label Esthétique was cooked with love in Vilnius, Lithuania. The chef: Dannie Fade, an EBM, electro, and Dark Disco producer whose previous works can be found on other vital imprints such as Nein, Sinchi, and NUFF MUSIC, debuted his first tracks in 2018 but has been making melodies and rhythms since youth, playing both guitar and piano. His productions, filled with dark, ambient, and atmospheric elements, aim to shock the listener through unexpected turns and switches. His “Friendly Chaos” does not have a different goal, and his expectations to impact a few are high. Jason Peters and Senkala are in charge of the remixes and came up with powerful interpretations.

The track we chose to premiere, Jason Peters’ remix of the title track, has all the characteristic elements you expect to find on Roam Records’ boss’ version: His peculiar Disco-Not-Disco sonority brings together a pulsating and bouncing Synthwave-inspired bass line, a gorgeous and trippy Trance-like pad, and a smooth and dreamy House-ish synth layer. The result is a mere confirmation of why JP is considered one of the finest in the business.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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