146 // Lafrench Toast – Cosmic Arena

Boîte Music Records releases its third EP, and we had the pleasure of reviewing Lafrench Toast’s contribution.

When it comes to Nu Disco, there is absolutely no doubt Spa In Disco is considered one of the most notable labels of the European scene. Now, the same competence big boss Fran Deeper (SXDNS189) has always used to curate his respected imprint will be put to good use in his new project: Boite Music aims to pursue a different sonority, influenced by the dark side of different kinds of electronic music, from peak time Indie Dance to obscure Synthwave or slow and deep Balearic chuggers. A fresh, serious, and modern approach to the club heart: The dance floor.

For the third release of the newcomer, Fran gathered an interesting line-up of artists: AINZ, Juan Soto, Tony Disco (SXDNS111), G. Zamora, and Lafrench Toast. We chose the latter’s contribution to review and couldn’t be any happier. The Colombian DJ and producer brought his House, Nu Disco, Alternative Rock, New Wave, Synthpop, and Techno influences together and delivered a hell of a track to the compilation. “Cosmic Arena” is groovy and dark, intense and melodic, energetic and trippy… In sum, it accomplishes the mission of a great tune: It triggers (good) emotions, sensations, and impressions. Too bad it cannot be played out loud in a packed club at the moment, but do yourself a favour and keep it in your repertoire until you have the opportunity. You will not regret it!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Juno Download page of the label.

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