147 // Random Atlas – Croupier

Random Atlas is back! The Chilean duo lands on the respected HEARec with a bombastic release!

For those still not familiar with Random Atlas (SXDNS155/FREEDL024), they are an Electronic-Rock duo from Santiago de Chile based in Berlin. Formed by Max Ferrer (SXDNS213) and Manuel Ortúzar, the project was born from their common love for badass guitars, strange synth sounds and tight beats. Random Atlas’ sound can be defined as a blend of Rock, Techno, Post-Punk and Disco with an attitude focused on creating a powerful and dark sound characterized by synth driving haunted house atmospheres and screaming guitars underpinned by hypnotic grooves. After debuting on the acclaimed French label Esthétique, the duo lands on the respected German imprint HEARec with their “Sample & Hold EP” featuring gorgeous remixes by Aurum Miles and Disco Mortale.

We were given one of the originals to review and, oh boy, what a tune! “Croupier” is more than just a track, it is a statement that shouts out loud the Random Atlas boys are here to stay. The high quality of the theme depicts how skilful Max & Manuel are: The bleepy bass line, the sophisticated (and at the same time menacing) synth layer, the ethereal FXs, the aggressive guitar solo… everything fits perfectly in a way that only great artists are able to do it. Kudos, lads!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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