148 // METAMAN – Battle Of Perugia (Breakin Moves Remix)

Mega remix by Breakin Moves for METAMAn's forthcoming vinyl release on Inside Out Records.

British label Inside Out Records presents “Irina Remixed”, a vinyl release based on skilled Greek producer Metaman’s original album “Irina”, with the eponymous track featuring the mesmerizing vocals of the mythical singer Lena Platonos. This time, a team of locked, bored, and inspired artists were summoned to provide their own interpretations of the original release: Echonomist, Stevie R & Parisinos, Breakin Moves, and Computer Underground spared no efforts to deliver powerful and stunning versions. The digital format will be accompanied by many other remixes already in the pipeline.

The track we chose to review introduced us to the interesting work of Athens-based producer Breakin Moves. For his experimental interpretation of “Battle of Perugia” (named after a conflict also known as “Perusine War” that was fought in the winter of 41 BC and 40 BC, according to our secret sources), he flirted with repetition and minimalism, and the result is an enthralling and sober theme devoted to inducing stupor. If his goal was to put us in a comfortably numb state, the mission was successfully accomplished.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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