212 // Lujo Asiático – Postapostolico

Today's premiere features a track from the impressive forthcoming album by the Argentinian trio Lujo Asiático. The entire LP is a masterpiece!

“Ganbare” is a Japanese word that means “to persevere, to persist, to do one’s best”, and it is also the name of the second album of the Argentinian trio Lujo Asiático. Andrés, Cristián, and Segundo continue to expand the frontiers of instrumental electronic music, this time experimenting with danceable and introspective atmospheres.

The nine-track LP will be available in digital and vinyl formats and will be released in mid-June 2021 by the labels Casa del Puente (Argentina) and Raso Estudio (Spain), featuring themes with feelings that range from dreamy to peak of euphoria, from emotional density into the frenzy of ecstasy. A broad spectrum of experimental electronics: between the body and the brain, between the stage and the laboratory.

Recorded live in one day and a half at ION Studios, one of Buenos Aires’s most mythical tango studios, the songs were then mixed by producer Ariel Schlichter in his studio for over a year and a half. That expeditious live recording session gives the tracks an immediacy and a palpable organic pulse. “In post-production, the songs opened up, became more complex and became much richer in sounds and arrangements,” said the lads.

The mix concluded with a visit to the analogue equipment of the Red Bull Music Academy studios in Berlin. Matthias Anton, one of the studio’s engineers and producers, assisted on the final mix. A day and a half of recording, more than two years of testing and subsequent re-recordings. Not surprisingly, “ganbare” also means “work with perseverance”. The wait was worth it.

The track we chose to review/premiere, “Postapostolico”, is one of the most beautiful of the release. A trippy and immersive piece with a mesmerising atmosphere provided by smooth synth layers and sexy percussive elements seamlessly brought together by the six-handed trio of producers that will be in the Fleetstreet Residency and Theatre in Hamburg, Germany, developing a new project during the whole month of June 2021.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the band.

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