225 // Tadan – Sound Is The Source

Forthcoming on Electric Shapes, Tadan's shamanic & healing album featuring powerful remixes by Rambal Cochet, ROTCIV, and Tassilo Vanhöfen.

The interesting Vilnius-based label Electric Shapes is back! Their forthcoming release introduces us to the competent work of Tadan, a skilled lost-and-found-in-London Lithuanian producer who has previously appeared on E.S. in the volume two of its well-received various artists compilation “Unreleased Territory”. This time, he delivers a 10-track piece consisting of seven insightful originals and three tailor-made remixes provided with love and inventiveness by Rambal Cochet, ROTCIV (SXDNS069), and Tassilo Vanhöfen.

Sound has long been known to have deep therapeutic qualities. The main element of healing music is the root sound. The focus on one note brings the listener to the present. It is grounding and can induce a higher state of consciousness. Combine that with dancing and you are now moving the energy, freeing your body from stuck emotions. This is the purpose of Tadan’s “Neoshamanism”.

Every single track, original or remix, has the power of soothing us at this moment of need – and “Sound Is The Source”, the theme we chose to review/premiere, is obviously no different: Its powerful and intense rave atmosphere, provided by a bestial acid layer and incremented with minimalistic vocal hooks and Underworld-like pads, deliver a stalwart and enthusiastic message, something many out there may be in need.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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