226 // Alek S – Nightdrive

German producer Alek S is back to made of CONCRETE with a must-have EP for the Techno lovers out there!

The Berlin/Dresden-based label Made of Concrete has been, since its foundation in 2015, a platform for records shaped by the aesthetic of Techno, House, Ambient, and Experimental music. For the forthcoming release of the German imprint, family member Alek S delivers “Nightdrive”, a well-crafted EP featuring three top-notch originals and one interesting “repaint” version shaped with love and creativity by Alex Bau.

Based in Cottbus, Germany, Alek S has been fighting the good fight since 1998. An avid record collector, his endeavours as a producer nobly started to accomplish a dream: Having his music released on vinyl. He promptly succeeded due to the high quality of the first demos he ever sent.

Premiered here, the title track carries Alek S’ usual style, a dub-infused slice of catchy, scintillating Techno. The bouncing bassline and the emotive pad layer trigger that unique sensation of dancing to “Nightdrive” with the eyes closed but the heart open to the peaceful-yet-euphoric atmosphere it yields.

For the trippy Dub Techno lovers out there, the release is definitely a must-have!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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