261 // La Mano – Tarvisio (Kiwi Remix)

Let's support this, shall we? Sound Du Jour is the brand-new label by La Mano, and the debut release is a beauty! The cherry on the cake: A powerful remix by Kiwi.

Writing reviews is something that dinosaurs really appreciate doing, even more when the review is for the debut release of a label. The responsibility of having to write something that will be forever part of the history of the imprint mixes itself with the privilege of having such an opportunity: Sound Du Jour, curated by Anglo Italian DJ and Producer Carlo Bragagnini aka La Mano (SXDNS270), starts its musical journey with “Tarvisio”, a beautiful three-track EP featuring two powerful originals by Carlo himself and a stunning remix made with love by London-based producer Kiwi.

If the title track is an acidic, 808 heavy, electro driven workout, with a pulsing bassline, and hypnotic, arpeggiated synths, Kiwi’s remix follows a rather different direction: He works his magic on Tarvisio taking all the important parts of the original and adding floaty pads and strings, new percussive elements and a driving bassline.

In sum, Sound Du Jour kicks off delivering a must-have release and left us looking very much forward to its forthcoming episodes.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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