262 // Samuele De Santis – Stoned Doug

Italian producer Samuele De Santis is back to U're Guay Records with a proper Ghetto House EP. Solid remixes by Alex Aguayo and Ruksby.

Montevideo-based label U’re Guay Records presents Italian producer Samuele De Santis for its forthcoming release: The landmark “Volumen 30”. Inspired by Ghetto House masters from Dance Mania, “Sam” delivers two exclusively-made-for-the-dance-floor originals filled with hard-driven beats, trippy voices, warm pads and lots of furor. The EP also includes two outstanding remixes made with love & acid by two rising names of the Indie Dance scene: Mexican virtuoso Alex Aguayo (FREEDL038 as Mahkina) and Russian secret weapon Ruksby (SXDNS256).

Born in 1991, Samuele De Santis owes his sonority to the heavy doses of Acid House he was given during his childhood. His uncle, himself an old guard DJ from Varese, was the one responsible for turning Samuele into a vinyl lover, having also taught the young boy the beautiful art of beatmatching and mixing – something that many current-century DJs fail to master. Buy records (as well), kids! They don’t bite!

The track we were solicited to premiere/review is a 128-BPM Ghetto House masterpiece! “Stoned Doug”, through its frenetic rimshots, snares, and vocal hooks, tells us the story of a young man called, yes, Doug, who was transported to the ’90s to experience a proper club night in order to learn how to mannerly misbehave on a dance floor. For his time travel adventure, he was given a red pill so that he could learn the unsettling and life-changing truth: He has been partying all wrong! Now he is back, his mission is to teach his friends how to become the ravers of the new era. First lesson: Leave the freaking mobile at home!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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