263 // Disco Mortale – Cathedral (Original Mix)

Disco Mortale debuts on ESTHÉTIQUE with a sacred release! Myrddin & Aurum Miles are on it with solid remixes, by the way.

Who is Disco Mortale? A malevolent Italian super villain? No, Disco Mortale is the new alias of Daniel Monaco (SXDNS137) for his EBM and Dark Techno output. Based in Amsterdam, DM has been having a busy year with his new project with appearances on acclaimed Indie Dance labels such as Beat Is Murder, Espacio Cielo, HEARec, Roam, Logical, Mélopée, and Odd Pleasures, presenting both originals and collaborations. Now he lands on ESTHÉTIQUE with a beautiful EP called “Cathedral” featuring essential remixes by Myrddin (SXDNS277) & Aurum Miles.

If you are familiar with Daniel Monaco’s Italo-infused sonority, you will notice that as Disco Mortale he tends to explore different soundscapes, which proves how creative and versatile the Italian musician can competently be.

Premiered here, the title track brings DM flirting with a more sober and contemplative atmosphere, not so heavy, fat, and complex in comparison to some of his most recent works, we dare to say. It is as if he were just chilling at his studio while fooling around with his many an instrument and synthesizer, completely relaxed and carefree with the outcome. “Cathedral”, however, is an extremely well-crafted, rich, and elaborated piece with its percussive elements and church-bell-like leads. And even if it sounds as if it were constructed without the necessity of being a hit, it succeeds in depicting how easily Daniel can deliver a strikingly high-quality theme. Amen, brother!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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