264 // Alex Aguayo – Velocity (Original Mix)

Alex Aguayo debuts on Logia Records with an essential EP for the Indie Dance/Dark Disco lovers out there.

Rising Argentinian label LOGIA Records reaches its season finale with “Velocity”, an essential 8-track EP by none other than Alex Aguayo (FREEDL038 as Mahkina) in collaboration with m i l l o, who jumped in with some post-punk overtones and Dark Disco influences to deliver “Broken”, the fourth and last but not least original of the release. Insightful remixes made with love by BT COP, Playa Del Carma, Corresponsal, and Celestino (SXDNS009) provide the icing on the cake.

If Logia is closing its 2021 activities, the same cannot be said of Alex. The Mexican producer has been having an extremely busy year so far: His originals and collaborations appeared on vital Indie Dance labels such as HEARec, Espacio Cielo, Paradiso, Boite Music, Emerald & Doreen, Odd Pleasure, Nein, Mélopée, NUFF, among others, and it is extremely possible something else will pop up before we can say “Happy 2022”.

Premiered here, the title track, with its 119 BPM, is not as fast as its name suggests but is definitely one of the highlights of the EP. The bouncing bassline, energetic guitar-like synth layer, and melodic leads bring to life a must-have piece. It pairs perfectly with packed and filthy dance floors.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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