268 // Adamant – Mackie (Original Mix)

Beautiful contribution by Buenos Aires-based Adamant for the forthcoming compilation of Maleza.

Buenos Aires-based platform Maleza reaches the fifth instalment of its respected and finely curated compilation. “En la Superficie, Vol. 05” brings together an interesting selection of artists who delivered insightful contributions to the release: Adamant, DJ Braver (SXDNS288), Gabriel Ferreira, Deep Hale, and Fernanda Arrau (SXDNS158) feat. Elias Deepman, each one of them contributing with their own characteristic sonorities and representing exactly the kind of soundscape the label intends to provide: Deep and intense, groovy and vibrant, trippy and emotive.

The track we chose to premiere comes from the creative and restless mind of Tomas Panisse aka Adamant. “Mackie” is a melodic and atmospheric Breakbeat House cut with a particular Ravey/Balearic mood provided by an ethereal and beautiful pad, nervous synth layers, and a bassline with attitude. A theme of simple construction but extremely effective that pairs perfectly both with sandy beaches and dirty basements.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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