273 // UFO Club – Elocon

UFO Club debuts on Paisley Dark with a Dark Matter & Cosmic Dust-infused delicious EP.

After making his debut on Invisible Inc. last October, Leeds-based electronic music mystic project UFO Club lands on the interesting label Paisley Dark with “Repeat Prescription”. The EP presents three stunning originals of shimmering psychedelic Techno, laced with Krautrock sensibilities and modal chord progressions, showcasing proper production skills allied with enormous amounts of creativity juice.

The track we were solicited to review/premiere is a true homage to good ol’ Cosmic Disco: “Elocon”, throughout its almost 9-minute length, provides a true space journey at 128 BPM, full of effervescing arpeggios, retro synth leads, and interstellar FXs. A churning and hypnotic piece that evokes Maestro Daniele Baldelli’s sonority, adding shards of Jean-Michel Jarre’s playfulness and Patrick Cowley’s characteristic synth bass-driven melodies.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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