275 // Divagar – Retro Dub (New Dub Master)

Divagar debuts on French label Coquelicot Records with an eclectic and well-crafted release.

For its 22nd release, the fourth of the year, eclectic Paris-based label Coquelicot Records keeps on spreading its musical horizon with the arrival of a new artist to the family: Divagar, a duo DJ but curiously a solo project regarding production. Heavily influenced by his love for the 80s/90s Hip Hop drums, House and Techno from Detroit, and Disco Music, the forthcoming “Dub” EP showcases, through its four originals, what the Parisian producer is capable of. The interesting combination of his influences are translated into a retro-infused but fresh and vibrant sonority inasmuch as he manages to flirt, successfully, with many different an element and texture.

The track we were requested to premiere, “Retro Dub (New Dub Master)”, is that kind of theme whose genre is hard to define. Not that it matters, but knowing the most suitable pigeonhole of a tune sometimes makes our reviewing work easier. By any means, this is a hell of a tune, devoted to triggering old school dance moves on the dance floor with its groovy broken beats, funky rimshots, and its atmospheric – but ominous – synth layers.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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