281 // AckerMan & EBZ – Keshet BeAnan (Original Mix)

Hailing from Israel, AckerMan is back to HEARec with a stunning & colourful EP. Solid remixes by Eliezer and MUFTI complete the release.

Liran Ackerman from Israel is the man behind the project AckerMan. Mainly inspired by electronic projects and bands from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, his original and identifiable style is full of badass basslines and psychedelic groove. Liran has already appeared on several labels such as HEARec, Duro, Belly Dance Services, and Latido – on the latter under his pseudonym Deadly Weapons in partnership with Eliezer.

In his second display on HEARec (he has already delivered a killer remix for Javier Martinez’ “Paranoia” [HEAR0044]), he brought to light an entire release of his own featuring three well-constructed originals with EBZ collaborating in two of them and two bright remixes made with love by Eliezer and Mufti.

Premiered here, the title track, “Keshet BeAnan”, means “rainbow” in Hebrew. Suitable, inasmuch as the EP is a colourful representation of AckerMan’s distinctive style. The track itself, despite being rather minimalistic, brings Liran and EBZ flirting with many different textures which, combined, enrich the theme and showcase the duo’s high-quality producing skills. The percussive elements, the fat bassline, and the obscure vocals deliver a trippy and insightful piece that establishes Liran as an “artist to watch” amid the rising Indie Dance/Dark Disco scene.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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