282 // Poulper & Lucare – Aesthesia

New Day Everyday wraps up 2021 with a stunning 2-volume compilation featuring the crème de la crème of the Nu Disco/Indie Dance scene. Premiered here, the dark & groovy contribution by Poulper & Lucare.

New Day Everyday wraps up 2021 with a second compilation and keeps digging into the roots and essence of their musical sphere. These two volumes of a compilation include eighteen tracks of good friends and great producers while focusing on the “Tel Aviv sound” and the new voices in the scene alongside well-established artists from all over the world.

Volume 1 sets the mood for dancing. It has all the dance floor ricochets a good club can ask for and these acid vintage machines you’ll find in some deserted studio in Vilnius. It includes great hits by Thomass Jackson, Eliezer & Niv Ast, Sandhog, Astroloop (SXDNS253), Deadly Weapons, Daweed, Sharoo, Tako, and Ninay.

Volume 2 brings forward the rock’n’roll attitude you had when you were sixteen and felt like you finally discovered how to impress the girl/boy from Biology class. Cool-headed groove and fake Chinese Stratocaster guitar, just the way we like it. It includes great hits by Local Suicide (SXDNS172) & Wiener Planquadrat, Cornelius Doctor, Cobertizo, Poulper (SXDNS146) & Lucare (SXDNS175), ALF CHAMPION & MDHNTR, Lott (SXDNS257), Juvë, Mishell (SXDNS228), and Sebastien Tex.

Premiered here, “Aesthesia” (which means the “capacity for sensation or feeling; sensitivity”), made with love by our hermanos Poulper & Lucare, is definitely one of the highlights of the compilation. Amid the gang of well-established artists aforementioned, Emmanuel and Luciano delivered a Post Punk-infused gem with beautiful guitar riffs, a bouncing bassline, arpeggiated synth layers, and a menacing pad, resulting in a phantasmagoric and highly danceable piece.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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