286 // Alex Aguayo & Silicodisco – Return To The Truth

Silicodisco & Alex Aguayo teamed up to deliver a stunning Indie Dance anthem to Critical Monday's forthcoming compilation.

Putting together a VA release is not an easy task. Putting together a VA release featuring some of the best artists of the Nu Disco/Indie Dance scene is definitely not an easy task. Young but already acclaimed Critical Monday decided to face the challenge and have for their season finale a compilation that would work as a retrospective of the different sounds that makes the French label what it is. Regulars and friends of the house plus newcomers were invited to the occasion inasmuch as working with great artists not only on a creative level but also on the human side as the aim of Critical Monday at the end is to create a music family – and what a family!

“Various Artists Vol. 2” brings Andreja Salpe, Bonnie Spacey & Rem’s Martinez, Yourr, Della & Poulper, Favio Inker & Harock, Back From The Wave, Endrik Schroeder, Alex Aguayo & Silicodisco, Mundo D, and Konnekt who spared no efforts to deliver high-quality contributions to the soirée.

The track we chose to premiere/review was made with love by veteran producer Paco Buggin aka Silicodisco and rising star Alex Aguayo. In “Return To The Truth”, the duo seamlessly combined their particular influences in order to deliver a dark & groovy theme with an enticing bassline, trippy synth layers, and gorgeous guitar riffs, resulting in a beautiful dance floor-oriented cut.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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